Hello and welcome to the FLOW Clinic. Here at FLOW we have put together, what may well be the worlds most advanced, none invasive recovery protocol, based on The simple building blocks of life. FOOD, LIGHT, OXYGEN and WATER. FLOW for short.

How FLOW was created…

After 13 years of research and 5 years in Hyperbaric medicine, we realised the same mistakes was being made in not only medical practices but holistic practices as well. The mistake, not the whole body was being treated, only specific areas, and things were being over complicated. So we looked a little deeper, what are we made off? ….. Atoms, DNA……. Cells. Cell health was the key, if we can get One cell operating at 100% efficiency, we can get a Trillion Cells doing the same.

Looking at the need of a human single cell – CARBON, HYDROGEN and OXYGEN. The 3 main Elements of Life…


Nutrition, supplements, vitamins, minerals. Looking at the digestive processing system.


Hydration, Purification, Alkalinity. Skin absorptions. Looking at our autonomic system.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hyper oxidisation, free radicals, oxygen toxicity, mitochondria performance. Looking at our circulatory and endocrine systems

Finally, we realised giving was not enough, removing is just as, if not more important, our cells store Minerals such as iron, glucose and proteins. They also store toxins that cannot be processed or removed, this is one of the main causes for disease at a cellular level. This led us to the most powerful way to D=Tox the human cell. FAR Infrared Light – at specific wave lengths cells vibrate causing huge amounts of toxins to begin leaving the body.


This may seem a lot to take in, but we will go through each process step by step.

Further Information

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