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  • Out of Stock

    Experience improved wellness and fitness with a FAR infrared sauna blanket. Designed to help you de-stress, increase circulation and boost your metabolism, this high-tech solution gives you a holistic approach to wellness from the comfort of your own home. 

      • Detox 
      • Burn Calories 
      • Reduce Anxiety 
      • Heal Inflammation 
      • Boost collagen 
      • Optimise performances 
  • Out of Stock

    Portable infrared sauna Large size (H 106 x L97x W80cm). Ideal for home use for health.

    • The sauna has carbon heating panels, to the sides and back along with a heated footpad.
    • Around 90 % of the FIR heat generated is within the 3 – 15 micron range. This is the most beneficial wavelength to human health as it matches that of human cells. Subsequently a process called ‘resonant absorption’ occurs which has a vibrating and energizing effect within cells when the thermal energy is absorbed. 
    • With Far infrared heat, high perspiration levels can be achieved. 
    • The sauna box quickly heats up.
    • The input power is 900 watts for the XL sauna, making it relatively low cost to operate.