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    Stand outside on the grass to earth yourself in 3-5 minutes!

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    Measures 74cm x 32cm (29″ x 12.5″)
    Conductive mat for earthing while sitting or standing, while at a desk, watching television, exercising, etc. 
    It can be used under your bare feet, or on a desk with your bare hands resting on it. e.g. Under your computer keyboard and mouse, enabling you to be grounded as your hands or wrists rest on the mat while typing or using the mouse.

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    Multiple frequency programs can be selected from the Electro Therapy Device Frequency List (ETDFL) book which lists over 3500 diseases that can be treated with the ‘Ultimate’.

    16vDC 4500ma 
    24Mhz Core Quartz Crystal 
    Powerful – ‘Rife Digital Ultimate Trio Series” 
    Suits Home, Doctor or Natural Therapist Clinical use 
    Programmable from 0000.01Khz to 1 Million Hertz 
    Lab Tested Pure Square Waveform on all ETDFL frequencies 
    Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies 
    Uninterrupted Program Sequences 
    10 Program selections